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It’s What’s Inside That Counts.

Welcome to Orami Bags

Orami General Trading LLC established in 2014 and now being a leading innovator in Luggage, Blankets and Travel Accessories market. We aim at serving a best travel and winter needs of UAE’s millions.

We Have


We are having the largest collection of luggages including Back Packs , Ladies bags etc. All our Luggages are made using quality materials.


Orami Sells blankets that are suitable for AC as well as soft winters.

Travel Accessories

We have various collection of travel accessories which is chosen by millions of travellers.

Why Orami ?

Buying a bag is not an easy task, be it school bag, travel bag or merely an office bag requires selection, keeping in mind desire and expectation of style , whilst considering comfort as well. Orami is your favorite one stop to solution all baggage needs.

Stunning Designs

Large Space

Easy to handle

Light weight

Easy to clean

Quality Material

Largest Collection of Bags

We are having the largest collection of Luggages, Blankets and Travel Accessories. All our products are made using quality materials which is suitable for travellers,professionals..etc